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Savings Account Fees

Savings Withdrawal Fee: $ 1.00 per withdrawal after 2 per calendar month
Christmas Club: $ 10.00 per withdrawal if withdrawn prior to annual disb.
Kid's Club: $ 5.00 per withdrawal after 1 per calendar month
Savings & Checking SSC: $ 2.00 per withdrawal after 6 per calendar month
Inactive Account: $4/month and acct. balance is $25 or less*

Checking Account Fees

Overdraft Fee: $ 2.00 per item
NSF Fee: $25.00 per item
Returned Item Fee: $ 25.00 per item
Stop Payment Fee: $ 25.00 per request
Check Printing Fee: $ Prices Vary Depending on Style
Copy of Check Fee: $ 2.00 per item
Business Account Fee: $ 10.00 per month
Courtesy Pay Fee: $ 25.00 per item

Virtual Branch (Internet Account Fees) Fees

No Fees

E-Statement Fees

No Fees

E-Pay (Bill Payment) Fees

$5.50 per month/free with E-Statement
Nonsufficient funds fee of $25
Stop Payment fee of $40
Investigation fee of $40

Preauthorized EFT Fees

Nonsufficient funds fee of $25
Stop Payment fee of $25

VISA Check Card Fees

We do not charge for any ATM withdrawals at the present time.
Replacement card fee of $5/card
Reactivation fee of $25
Nonsufficient funds fee of $25

ATM Card Fees

$1 charge for ATM withdrawals at machine we do not own (proprietary)
$0.50 charge for all POS transactions
Replacement card fee of $5/card
Nonsufficient funds fee of $25


No Fees

Other Service Fees

Items Sent for Collection: $10/item
Account Reconciliation Fee: $12 per hour, $12 min. charge
Wire Transfer (Outgoing) Domestic: $15/item
Wire Transfer (Outgoing) Foreign: $25/item
Account Research: $12 per hour, $12 min. charge
Statement Copy: $2/copy
Deposit Item Return: $25/item, $5 2 party check
Account Closure: $10 if closed within 90 days
Change of Address: $1/account
Excessive Inquiry: $1/request
ACH Money Transfer: $2
MasterCard Gift Card: $3
MasterCard Cash Advance: $15
VISA Check Card Reactivation: $25

*To avoid this fee maintain a savings account balance in exces of $25 or utilize any other recognized Texas Telcom Credit Union product or service. New savings accounts have a three-month grace period before this fee is charged.